"In every walk with NATURE one recieves far more than he seeks"

- John Muir


The Almaguin Highlands are situated in the central portion of the Eastern Forest – Boreal transition ecoregion which stretches from eastern Quebec to the eastern shores of Lake Superior. The topography of the area, covered by rolling hills consists mainly of mixed forest and is dotted with many lakes, rivers and streams. The Almaguin area’s beauty along with its close proximity to some of Canada’s largest cities make the area a coveted destination of many for a variety of activities. This page is dedicated to those groups and individuals whose efforts help maintain and preserve our area to ensure we enjoy Almaguin for years to come.


Wildlife Winter Feeding Program

Our mission is to provide supplementary feed to Ontario White tail deer by providing sustenance to support the wildlife throughout the Ontario winter which is long and often times severe, making it difficult for the deer population to get the natural browse they need to sustain them through the harsh season.

For more information, Please e-mail us http://www.wwfp.ca/

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