Winter is an etching, spring a water color, summer an oil painting, and fall is a mosaic of them all…

-Stanley Horowitz

I imagine the scenery Stanley Horowitz must have been viewing at the time these words crossed his mind as possibly a cool morning, overlooking water as fog rises, and backlit fall colors of a hardwood set ablaze by a rising sun. Fall is my favourite season for many reasons, not the least of which are the quiet morning sunrises, or the last moments of a sunset as the sun falls behind the treetops. Viewed from a hilltop or the center of a lake, the surrounding country side leaves one in a happy state of mind as Mother Nature seems to take a breath just long enough for us to appreciate our surroundings before the transition into winter begins.

For Almaguin, the summer period begins its transition to fall in mid to late August. Sunny days becoming shorter in duration followed by cool night’s triggers a change in foliage beginning with brilliant reds which then make way for yellows and gold and finally, to end in an October rust as the region awaits its first accumulating snowfalls of the winter season.

Warm days and cool nights with little to no frost produce the brightest colors and with a little luck, fair weather and light winds lengthen the season well into the fall. Which this year, definitely seems to be the case! Now heading into the last week of October with many areas of our region still in full color, fall 2015 is definitely one for the record books.

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